Recent News

Our Ph.D. student Talha Erdem has received the IEEE Photonics Society 2016 Graduate Student Fellowship for his PhD studies on developing high-efficiency, high stability, and high-quality light-emitting diodes.

Our PhD student Can Kerse together with a team of researchers led by F. Ömer İlday published an article in Nature titled "Ablation-cooled material removal with ultrafast bursts of pulses".

Ali Maleki Gargari, an M.S. student supervised by Assoc. Prof. Vakur Behçet Ertürk has been selected as a recipient of IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society (AP-S) Eugene F. Knott Memorial Pre-Doctoral Research Grant.

Every year, the IEEE AP-S awards up to six pre-doctoral grants to encourage students to pursue careers in the area of electromagnetics.

Osman Fatih Kılıç, an M.S. student in our department, has received IEEE Best Paper Award at the 24th IEEE Signal Processing and Communications Applications Conference, for his paper entitled "Mixture of Set Membership Filters Approach for Big Data Signal Processing".

The Second Industrial Design Projects Fair organized by Bilkent University Electrical and Electronics Department will take place at Mithat Çoruh Amphitheater on 17 May. Participants from academy and industry, all faculty members, and students with their families are invited to this event.


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