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Ayhan Altintas was born in 1958, in Turkey. He studied Electrical Engineering at the Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey (B.S. and M.S.) and the Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio (Ph.D.). He was at ElectroScience Laboratory of the Ohio State University for 1981-1987. He has been to the Optical Sciences Center of Australian National University, Canberra Australia in 1987-1988 as a Post-Doctoral Researcher and to Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, Technical University of Munich and Concordia University, Montreal as Visiting Professor. He is a member of Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Xi, and a senior Member of IEEE. He was the Co-founder of IEEE Turkey Section and has Chaired it for two terms. He has also served as the Chairman of the AP/MTT/ED Chapter. He was awarded by IEEE Third Millennium Medal. He is a Fulbright Scholar and Alexander von Humboldt Fellow. He was the Chair of the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department of Bilkent University for the period of 2005-2011. He is the President of URSI Turkey National Committee. For a complete curriculum vita with full list of publications press here.

Recent publications

Ilya O. Sukharevsky, A. Altintas, “Validation of Higher-Order Approximations and Boundary Conditions for Lossy Conducting Bodies”, IEEE Trans. Antennas and Propagat. , Vol.62, No.9, pp.4656-4661, September 2014. 

Burak Ozbey, H.Volkan Demir, Ozgur Kurc, Vakur B. Erturk, Ayhan Altintas, ,"Wireless Measurement of Elastic and Plastic Deformations by a  Metamaterial-Based Sensor, Sensors, vol.14, no.10, pp.19609-19623, Oct.2014.

Ilya O. Sukharevsky, Olga V. Shapoval, Alexander I. Nosich and A. Altintas, “Validity and Limitations of the Median-Line Integral Equation Technique in the Scattering by Material Strips of Sub-Wavelength Thickness”,  IEEE Trans. Antennas and Propagat.Vol.62, No.7, pp.3623-3631, July 2014.

V. B. Yurchenko, M. Ciydem, M. Gradziel, J. A. Murphy, and A. Altintas, Double-Sided Split-Step MM-Wave Fresnel Lenses: Design, Fabrication and Focal Field Measurements, Journal of European Optical Society: Rapid Publications, vol.9, 14007, 2014.

Burak Ozbey, Emre Unal, Hatice Ertugrul, Ozgur Kurc, Christian M. Puttlitz, Vakur B. Erturk, Ayhan Altintas, Hilmi Volkan Demir,Wireless Displacement Sensing Enabled by Metamaterial Probes for Remote Structural Health Monitoring, Sensors, vol.14, no.1, pp.1691-1704, Jan.2014.

F. Kuyucuoglu, T. Oguzer, I. Avgin, A. Altintas, Analysis of an arbitrary-profile, cylindrical, impedance reflector surface illuminated by an E-polarized complex line source beam, Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications, vol.28, pp.360-377, 2014.

B. Ghassemiparvin, A. Altintas, Scattering from an Impedance Object at the Edge of a Perfectly Conducting Wedge, IEEE Trans. Antennas and Propagat., vol.62, no.2, pp.852-861, Feb. 2014.

V. B. Yurchenko, A. Altintas, M. Ciydem, and S. Koc, Experimental conditions for the excitation of thin disk whispering gallery mode resonators, Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, vol.43, 29-40, 2013.

T. Oguzer, A. Altintas, A.I. Nosich, "Analysis of the elliptic profile cylindrical reflector with a non-uniform resistivity using the complex source and dual series approach: H-polarization case," Optical and Quantum Electronics, vol. 45, no 6, 2013.

Research Interests

Electromagnetic scattering and diffraction
Wave propagation, simulation, spectrum management
RF for wireless communications
Fiber and guided wave optics

Courses taught recently

Undergraduate Level
EEE 351 Engineering Electromagnetics (Junior, Fall)
EEE 495 Electrical and Electronics Engineering Design II (Senior, Fall)
Graduate Level
EEE 603 Advanced Electromagnetic Theory I (M.S. and Ph.D., Fall)
EEE 554 High Frequency Techniques in Electromagnetics (M.S., Spring).
For wedge diffraction calculations click here. (Prepared by graduate student Ferhat Yildirim, 2004)
For ray tracing based wireless propagation applet click here. (Prepared by students A.Serdar Kilinc, A.Cafer Gurbuz and Guray Gurel, 2004)
Note: Java Runtime Environment is needed to run the above programs.

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