Ballroom Dancing
Bilkent Ballroom Dance Club
Bilkent Ballroom
A WWW Page for the Bilkent Dance Community
Ballroom Dancing

elcome to Bilkent Ballroom, the WWW Homepage of the Bilkent Ballroom Dance Club. The Club, being active since the foundation of Bilkent, had regular classes on cha-cha, rumba, swing, fox-trot, quickstep, waltz and tango. This WWW page is supposed to contain information on ballroom dancing activities at Bilkent, as well as to provide links to other dancing resources on the network. Hope you will enjoy it, and stay tuned for changes...

* About Bilkent Ballroom
People of the Bilkent Ballrom Dance Club, dances taught, step lists & music.
* Course Schedule & Registration
Bilkent Dance Club Registration Information and Course Schedules
* News & Events
A Newsletter for the Bilkent Dance Community
* Dance Mailing List
Subscription and Posting Information for the DANCE Mailing List
* WWW Dance Links
Various Dance Related WWW Links offered by the Bilkent Ballroom Page
* Henry's Dance Hotlist
Henry Neeman's Dance Hotlist at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Author: Ayhan Bozkurt ( Last Update: February 2, 1999.