Graduate scholarships for Ph.D. and M.S. students:


Green networking is an important research area for economic and environmental reasons. ICT consumes about 5-10% of total world power consumption. Communication networks, both wireline and wireless, correspond to a significant portion of ICT energy consumption. It is expected that the total energy consumption due to communication networks will become even more significant in the near future as these networks are more densely deployed and operated at exponentially increasing bit rates. This will significantly increase the energy bills of service providers. Furthermore, the carbon footprint of communication devices due to their high energy consumption contributes to the global warming. Currently, network design and management algorithms and protocols for energy-efficient operation of communication networks by adapting the network to the varying network conditions are widely studied.


I am looking for qualified graduate students who want to work in the emerging area of green networking. My research interests in this field lie in


         Energy efficient resource sharing in wireless networks

         Energy efficient activity management in 5G heterogeneous networks

         Energy efficient design of optical networks

         Smart grid


Interested students should contact me as early as possible. Competitive scholarships will be offered to qualified students.