Graduate Students

Current Students:

1.     Abdülsamet Dağaşan(Ph.D.)

2.     Berat Aydın (M.S.)

3.     Ayda Hokmabadi (M.S.)

4.     Utku Toplupata (M.S.)

Former Students:

1.     Onur Berkay Gamgam, Ph.D. “Timely Throughput Maximization using Multiple Access Channel,” Sep. 2023.

2.     Mehmet Köseoğlu, Ph.D., “Performance of the carrier sense multiple access (CSMA) protocol for future generation wireless networks,” June 2013.

3.     Canan Aydoğdu, Ph.D., “An Analytical Model for IEEE 802.11 DCF in Multi-Hop Wireless Networks and its Application to Goodput and Energy Analysis,” Nov. 2010.

4.     Namık Şengezer, Ph.D., “Multi-Layer Traffic Engineering in Optical Networks under Physical Layer Impairments,” Sep. 2010.

5.     Emre Yetginer, Ph.D., “Dynamic Wavelength Allocation in IP/WDM Metro Access Networks,” June 2008.

6.     Utku Erdem, M.S., “Age of Information-oriented Comparative Evaluation of Channel Access Mechanisms in Multi-rate Wireless LANs,” Aug. 2023.

7.     Selin Akyürek, M.S., “Age aware power allocation for energy-efficient wireless networks using RSMA,” June 2023.

8.     Laila Qadr, M.S. “Traffic Engineering with Segment Routing,” Sep. 2022.

9.     Ali Serdar Yavuz, M.S., “Performance analysis of CSMA-based half duplex and full duplex MAC protocols for vehicular networks,” Jan. 2021.

10.  Abdulsamet Dağaşan, M.S., “Airborne ground surveillance with multi-hop UAV networks,” Sep. 2020.

11.  Wardah Sarmad, M.S., “Performance analysis of CSMA/CD for in-band full duplex wireless communication,” Mar. 2019.

12.  Deniz Ünal, M.S., “User grouping in wireless networks with full duplex base stations and legacy mobile stations,” July 2018.

13.  Hasan Gokhan Uysal, M.S., “Failure independent path protection against single-srlg failures in elastic ¨ optical networks,” Jan. 2018.

14.  Amir Behrouzi Far, M.S., “Dynamic resource allocation and activity management for improving energy efficiency and fairness in 5G heterogeneous networks,” Aug. 2016.

15.  Onur Berkay Gamgam, M.S., “Regenerator placement in elastical optical networks with adaptive modulation and coding,” Aug. 2016.

16.  Alper Kahya, M.S., “Routing, spectrum allocation and regenerator placement in flexible-grid optical networks,” Aug. 2013.

17.  Irmak Aykın, M.S., “Activity management algorithm for improving energy efficiency of small cell base stations in 5G heterogeneous networks,” July 2014.

18.  Cemil Can Coşkun, M.S., “Uplink Scheduling for Delay Sensitive Traffic in Broadband Wireless Networks,” June 2012.

19.  Bahadır Erkan, M.S., “Performance Of Static And Adaptive Subchannel Allocation Schemes For Fractional Frequency Reuse In Wimax Networks,” Aug. 2011.

20.  Görkem Kar, M.S., “Performance of Static and Adaptive Subchannel Allocation Schemes for Fractional Frequency Reuse in WiMAX Networks,” July 2011.

21.  Ahmet Emrah Sezgin, M.S., “Joint Link/Packet Scheduling, Rate Allocation and Routing Optimization in STDMA Based Wireless Mesh Networks,” Sep. 2009.

22.  Fazlı Kaybal, M.S., “Joint Link/Packet Scheduling, Rate Allocation And Routing in TDMA Based Multi-Channel/Radio/Rate Wireless Mesh Networks,” July 2009.

23.  Miray Kaş, M.S., “OLSR-Aware Channel Access Scheduling in Wireless Mesh Networks,” June 2009 (jointly supervised with Dr. Ibrahim Korpeoglu).

24.  Seçkin Özsaraç, M.S., “Adaptive burstification methods for TCP traffic in OBS networks,” Sep. Sep. 2008.

25.  İsmail Çırak, M.S., “A New Adaptive Burst Assembly Algorithm for OBS Networks Considering Capacity of Control Plane,” Sep. 2008.

26.  Mustafa Aydınlı, M.S., “Optimal Access Point Selection in Multi - Channel IEEE 802.11 Networks,” Sep. 2008.

27.  Onur Öztürk, M.S., “Quality of Service Analysis for Slotted Optical Burst Switching Networks,” Jan. 2008.

28.  Mehmet Köseoğlu, M.S., “Joint Path and Resource Selection for OBS Grids with Adaptive Offset Based QoS Mechanism”, Sep. 2007.

29.  Ahmet Kerim Kamçı, M.S., “Effect of Burst Length on Loss Probability in OBS Networks with Void-Filling Scheduling,” Sep. 2006.

30.  Guray Gurel, M.S., “Effect of number of burst assemblers on TCP performance in optical burst switching networks,” Jul. 2006.

31.  Tarik Yardibi, M.S., “Sleep Scheduling for Energy Conservation in Wireless Sensor Networks with Partial Coverage,” Jul. 2006.

32.  Onur Alparslan, M.S., “Combined Use of Prioritized AIMD and Flow-Based Traffic Splitting for Robust TCP Load Balancing,” Jan. 2005.

33.  Namık Şengezer, M.S., “A Tabu Search Algorithm for Sparse Placement of Wavelength Converters in Optical Networks,” Sep. 2004.

34.  Canan Pamuk, M.S., “Energy-Efficient Bluetooth Scatternet Formation based on Device and Link Characteristics,” Aug. 2003.

35.   Feyza Keçeli, M.S., “Wavelength Assignment in Optical Burst Switching Networks using Neuro-Dynamic Programming,” Sep. 2003.

36.  Aydoğan Önal, M.S., “Joint Topology Design with Routing and Power Control in Ad Hoc Networks,” Sep. 2003.

37.  Saadettin Alp Ergin, M.S., “Topology Design and Scheduling in Spatial-TDMA based Wireless Ad Hoc Networks,” Sep. 2003.

38.  Yakup Balkaş, M.S., “Delay Bounded Rate Adaptive Shaper for TCP Traffic in DiffServ Internet,” Sep. 2002.

39.  Emre Yetginer, M.S., “Traffic Engineering and Regenerator Placement in MPLS and GMPLS Networks with Restoration,” Jan. 2002.

40.  Tuba Akıncılar Tan, M.S., “Multi-Ring SDH Network Design over Optical Mesh Networks,” Jan. 2002.

41.  Mustafa Arısoylu, M.S., “Design of Translucent Optical Networks,” July 2001.