Palace attire and garments: The costumes of the Sultans

Catma kaftan of Mehmet the Conqueror
Satin kaftan of Suleyman II
Silk kaftan of Osman III
Kemha kaftan of Bayezid II
Silk kaftan
16th century.
Fur lined kaftan
16th century.
Kaftan of Ahmet I
Kaftan of Murat IV
Childhood kaftan of Ahmet I
16th century.
Detail of kemha ceremonial of Bayezid II.


Other garment images can be found in the web-page by Dosseman.


Silks for the Sultans - Ottoman Imperial Garments from Topkapi Palace by A. Ertug and A. Kocabiyik.

This limited edition book focuses on silks and garments made for members of the Ottoman imperial family. Outstanding examples of kaftans and flalvars designed and tailored for ceremonial and ordinary use are selected from the collections of Topkapi Palace. The images presented in this volume, supported by expert commentaries, will usher in a new understanding of the Ottoman aesthetic achievement and of the design philosophy behind it. Superb full-page images, outstanding color reproduction and printing by Amilcare Pizzi of Milan, on highest-quality German paper. 30X41 cm., 220 pages (145 color pages), hardbound in special Japanese cloth and presented in slipcase. Works to be published by the end of 1997 and first half of 1998.


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