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Macro Angel v1.2 (formerly known as WinScheduler)...

Click here to download the program (~1.2 MB)
  Click here to see the screenshots

Version 1.2 released! Click here to see the new features

Highlight of the Week (WebAttack.com)
"... From what I've seen so far, this is the best free scheduling and automation tool you can find! Very powerful and nicely designed." (www.webattack.com)

Macro Angel introduces several ways to save time by eliminating repetitive actions and simplifying complex tasks into one step. You can assign repetitive tasks to a single keystroke and also have WinScheduler perform tasks for you automatically when some specified events occur. Macro Angel allows you to build custom automated tasks such as file backups, FTP and HTTP downloads and uploads, file copy, move and much more. You can create complex tasks, using a combination of various elements including user input, keystroke input and more. The program also supports automated ZIP archiving. A task wizard will guide you through the creation process, so no programming experience is required.

Macro Angel allows you build custom "tasks" without writing any programming code that can interact with multiple applications, the Internet and data simultaneously. Macro Angel breaks down common user actions into basic actions or steps. This allows the user to build tasks step by step in logical progressions. These tasks take the place of of an actual user performing the steps necessary to complete the given task or procedure. Macro Angel tasks are comprised of two primary components "Actions" and "Triggers".

What's new in version 1.2?

  • Variable support is added. Now, you can use up to 25 variables. Moreover, you can use the variables everywhere you want. For example, in file I/O operations, you can use the variable name as the target file and/or destination file. Variable support is added to all steps. In all of the steps, you can enter the variable name as the input(s) or you can combine variables with some other strings/integers.
    NOTE: You can use variables everywhere you want. You can enter the variables as inputs to every field in all steps! Also note that all variables are global. All variables are shared among all tasks. Thus, if one task changes a variable, this will also affect all other tasks. This makes it possible to share data between different tasks.
  • You can perform the following operations with variables: Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and concantenation.
  • Variables support both integer and string operations. If you try to add two variables, the program automatically converts the variables to integers (if possible).
  • Nested loops and nested if conditionals are now supported
  • New If conditionals about the variables are added
  • Bad news for version 1.1 and 1.0b users: Prompt step has been changed! In this version, if the user selects YES then the step is assumed to be successful and if the user selects NO, then the step is assumed to be failed. By this way, you can handle the user response using if conditionals. This is much more flexible than the older Prompt action. However, this also means that the users of older versions need to change the tasks that contain "Prompt" action. After Prompt step, you have to use if conditionals and handle the user response.

What's new in version 1.1?
  • Hotkeys option was completely re-programmed. All known bugs are fixed!
  • If conditionals were added. The following conditions are available now:
    • last step was failed
    • last step was succesful
    • file/directory exists
    • file/directory does not exists
    • window exists
    • window does not exists
    • window is in the foreground
    • window is not in the foreground
  • By the help of If conditionals, you can handle the error situations!
  • Two new options , namely "Do not show any confirmation boxes" and "Do not show any error messages", were added to all task steps. By this way, if the user desires, he/she will never be interrupted by error messages or some other confirmation boxes. The tasks work FULLY AUTOMATIC by the help of this feature and by the help of if conditionals.
  • ALL FILE I/O operations now support operations on MULTIPLE FILES. By this way, you can copy/delete/move/create hundreds of files and directories.
  • By using "Create directory" action, you can now create multiple-level subdirectories.
  • "Record Macro" option was added.
  • "Exit current task" action was added.
  • "Prompt" was re-designed.
  • 4 new preferences were added to the program preferences:
    • Don't display 'Running' icon in the tray when a task is runing
    • Add a xxx miliseconds pause between keystrokes
    • Set task scan rate to xxx seconds
    • Log task activities to a specified file
  • "Duplicate Task" options was added. By this way you can create a copy of a task with a single mouse click
  • "Start an application" action was completely re-designed and have more options!
  • "Show a reminder" was action added!
  • "Disconnect" action was added!

Supported Platforms:
Windows 95 (with IE 4.01 or higher), Windows 98, Windows NT (with IE 4.01 or higher and SP4 or higher), Windows 2000, Windows ME


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