Conventional point smoke and fire detectors typically detect the presence of certain particles generated by smoke and fire by ionisation or photometry. Conventional sensors only aim to sense particles. An important weakness of point detectors is that they are distance limited and fail in open or large spaces. The strength of using video in fire detection is the ability to serve large and open spaces.

Below are some example screen-shots and videos of our fire, flame and smoke detection software.

Fire Detection Sample Images 


Smoke Detection Sample Image


Sample Videos

Fire & Smoke Detection Samples


Wildfire Detection Sample



Demo Software

vPlayer Fire and Smoke Detector installer

Instructions for installation:
-Register for a user account at
-After installation run the "Fire&Smoke Detector License" application and generate a lock code.
-E-mail the lock code to Prof. A. Enis Cetin to obtain an unlock code.

Sample Video Clips

Full version of the Software

- The fire and smoke detection system works in real-time by analyzing the video data captured by an ordinary surveillance camera and a frame grabber.
- The software can be used in CCTV systems.
- Computational complexity of the software is low, streams from up to 16 cameras can be analyzed at the same time.
- The software can view, analyze, record and stream H.264 video from analog cameras using Hik-Vision compression cards.
- Supports many models of Axis, Panasonic, JVC, Flexwatch and Sony network cameras.
- Here is the user-interface of our fire-smoke detection software.

The software is developed by Prof. A. Enis Cetin who was an Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Image Processing between 1999 and 2003, and now he is an Associate Editor of Journal of Applied Signal Processing.
Please contact
him, if you are interested in this software.



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